Help us make the journey to keep the story alive.

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The Appeal marches on the support from those willing to see the RHF Museum Collection in its new home. To get there we would welcome as much support as possible to help in whatever way you are able. Please fill in the box on the right and show your commitment.

  • Host an Event. Offer The Appeal a venue or event to raise the awareness of the project or raise funds. The opportunity to accept the offer will be scoped by the Appeal Committee.
  • Fund Raise. Organise your own event and raise funds and awareness of the project. If you wish to do this please speak with the RHF Museum Appeal team for assistance with literature and guidance.
  • Volunteer At The Museum. The Appeal would welcome your assistance at the museum.
  • Other Ways to Help. If you wish to assist in any other way please contact the museum and inform them of what you would like to do to help with The Appeal.
  • Help at an Event. Offer to help and event in The Appeal calendar.

We need the appeal spread far and wide; the Regimental family, the military community, general public, schools and our overseas friends and family. Key in all of this is raising funds. To raise funds we must spread the message of what we aim to do, how we wish to get there and what assistance we need to get achieve it. We have four areas that we would really welcome your direct assistance. These are outlined below. Keeping the vision alive, seeing it through to the end and then ensuring the story goes on is our goal. Help us make it happen!!


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