The Big Push: Gas, Mud & Bullets!

26 Nov 2015

Lieutenant Colonel Willie Coupar gave a descriptive and informative talk about the Battle of Loos at the County Hall in Ayr.

This event will hopefully be the first of many in the County Town of The Royal Scots Fusiliers, the older and thus the more senior of the two antecedent regiments of The Royal Highland Fusiliers.

Colonel Coupar and the audience were warmly welcomed by the Provost of South Ayrshire, Councillor Helen Moonie; who drew their attention to the walk in Ayr’s Roselle Park, where evocative statues commemorating WWI soldiers.  The audience, which included the Lord Lieutenant of Ayrshire, Mr John Duncan QPM and the Provost of East Ayrshire, Councillor Jim Todd, enjoyed a well-researched and lively description of the first phase of the battle.

The Battle of Loos was the largest British battle of 1915 on the Western Front and was the first time that the British used poison gas and the first mass engagement of Kitchener’s New Army units.  However, despite improved methods, more ammunition and better equipment, the Franco-British attacks were contained by the German armies; and British casualties were virtually twice as high as those of the Germans.

Colonel Coupar served with the 5th/6th Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry; and joined the Regular Army with The Royal Army Education Corps, serving in the Falklands, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, West Germany and with the Gurkhas in Malaysia.

General Euan Loudon, the Chairman of the Royal Highland Fusiliers Trust, gave a short update on the progress of the Museum’s proposed move to the new Kelvin Hall development and thanked Colonel Coupar for his very well-received talk.

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