RHF Museum Staff & Volunteers Christmas Party

07 Jan 2015


The Festive season began in style as Museum staff and volunteers gathered in the Colonel of the Regiment’s Room at the Museum for their annual Christmas Party on 19 December 2014.

They were treated to their usual choice of “supper” from the local chipperie, followed by mince pies and washed down with copious amounts of various national drinks!  Silly games were played and there was a visit from a rather grumpy gnome, who distributed interesting(?) presents.  In fact, a good time was definitely had by all!

The RHF Museum is fortunate in attracting a good number of  volunteers from varied and disparate backgrounds, whose dedicated work is not only much appreciated but literally helps to keep the Museum running.  We are currently re-cataloguing the entire collection and have many other exciting projects – so there is plenty to do! However, we never have enough volunteers, so if you would like to join our extremely happy team please come and have a chat about what you might like to do.

And just think: you have all this to look forward to this December!  Although, we do try to add in the odd unexpected wee treat during the year!

Our Volunteers are divided into 5 Platoons:

  • Assaye Platoon:  Veterans & their families, who are perhaps the mainstays of our volunteer force
  • Blenheim Platoon:  Undergraduates, Graduates & Postgraduates from various disciplines, who gain valuable experience which has already led to several gaining jobs
  • Tel-el-Kebir Platoon:  Ladies from the Helensburgh & Lomond Decorative & Fine Arts Society, who have almost completed cataloguing the medal collection
  • Inkerman Platoon:  No less important as they are “everyone else”; particularly as they include the researchers, IT folk, joiners, etc.  We really need more researchers at the moment to answer the many enquiries to the Museum
  • Mons Platoon:  Our newest platoon consisting of volunteers from Project Scotland who are gaining experience with a view to securing future employment

 Volunteers are unpaid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!



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