Generous donation of C$10,000 to our Appeal!

02 Sep 2015

We are extremely grateful to The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada for their very generous donation of C$10,000 to the RHF Heritage Appeal!

Most regiments of the British Army have affiliations or alliances with regiments from other countries and among those of the RHF is that to the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada (RHF of C).

The RHF of C is a unit from the 31 Canadian Brigade Group, a unique element of the Canadian Forces, whose task is to augment Canada’s military by providing Primary Reserve Infantry soldiers.

The RHF of C is one of Canada’s oldest infantry regiments, becoming part of the fabric of Waterloo Region in Ontaris when a company of unarmed Mennonite teamsters hauled supplies during the War of 1812.

During the First World War, 3,763 volunteers from Waterloo County served in the regiment, more than 100 of whom were decorated for valour. Early in the War the unit was separated into two regiments and renamed the 29th Waterloo (Galt) and the 108th (Kitchener). In 1915 they re-merged and became three battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), the 34th, 111th and 118th.

Post war, separation again occurred with the Galt members becoming the Highland Light Infantry of Canada (HLI of C); the Kitchener-Waterloo members became the North Waterloo Regiment, and later, the Scots Fusiliers of Canada (SF of C). In 1940, the HLI of C mobilized for the Second World War and the Scots Fusiliers were integrated into the regiment. On D-Day, 6 June 1944, the HLI of C landed on Juno Beach, Normandy and on 8 July, the HLI of C led a successful but most bloody operation in capturing the Normandy village of Buron. Of the unit’s 600 members taking part in the fierce day-long battle, 193 were wounded and 70 were killed or subsequently died of their wounds.

During the two World Wars, the HLI of C was awarded 28 battle honours of which 18 are emblazoned on the unit’s Regimental Colours. After the Second World War ended, the K-W members were reformed as the 54th LAA Regiment and, in 1956, they regained their formed identity as the SF of C.

In 1964, the SF of C and HLI of C again merged to form the Highland Fusiliers of Canada (HF of C).

In 1998, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, granted the HF of C the right to her “Royal” designation in recognition of the Regiment’s long and distinguished service to the Commonwealth, Canada and the community of Waterloo Region.

The Regiment and its soldiers have continued to serve Canada’s interests worldwide in peace support operations including Egypt, Cyprus, Cambodia, Namibia, the former Republic of Yugoslavia and, most recently, Afghanistan and Darfur.

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