Well Done The Paras – 4 Can Collections for the Appeal in 2015!

29 Sep 2015

Veterans from Glasgow’s PRA and from our own Highland Light Infantry Association have been out with our collecting cans and gently relieving folk of their pennies in Glasgow’s Central Station on four occasions this year: 19 March; 4 July; 22 August and 5 September.  Their total of almost of £5,000 is absolutely brilliant and will give a valuable boost to our fundraising target!

There are an amazing number of links between the Paras and our Regiment – one less than obvious one is that the old headquarters of 15 (Scottish) Parachute Regiment at the Yorkhill Territorial Army drill hall was once the headquarters of 6th (City of Glasgow) Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry (6 HLI).

6 HLI had just departed for annual summer camp when war broke out in August 1914; and were mobilised at once , moving to Dunfermline. In May 1915, they sailed from Devonport for Gallipoli, via Egypt and Mudros; seeing action at Gully Ravine, Achi Baba Nullah and Krithia Nullahs.  Following evacuation from that ill-fated campaign, they returned to Egypt and fought at virtually all the battles, including Dueidar, Romani, all three battles of Gaza and Jaffa.  In March 1918,   they proceeded to France and spent the rest of the War on the Western Front.

We are very grateful to the Paras and you all for your tremendous support so far; but don’t think that your purses and wallets are safe – they are already thinking about next year and have promised to hold another four collections in 2016.  They also give their support and collect for other service charities, all of whom we are sure would join us in thanking the Paras and the kind-hearted public for their amazing generosity and support during 2015!

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